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  3. Username/IGN: Axe SteamID (Use Steam ID Finder to find it):STEAM_0:1:178751485 Do you have a mic: yes What times are you usually on: Weekdays 2pm to whenever | Weekends early in the morning or afternoon to whenever How much playtime do you have on the server: 20 min Any past experience: I did 4 months of moderation for a different server consecutively Why do you want to be staff: Since this is a pretty new server i thought that i could help out with the server if needed to. I also want to make sure that this server is well kept and it maintains a good reputation so that this server doesn't die and stays alive as long as possible
  4. asriel.dev


    - Fixed an issue with the Cinema's volume scale not working properly. - Removed debug prints in various things. - Added better weapons to be used by NPCs.
  5. asriel.dev


    - Added Donation Boxes: These allow you to collect money while display the top 3 donators without the risk of having to drop money and put it in a moneypot. - Fixed an issue regarding nametag selection causing it to reset upon first join after restart. - Removed Grand Opening from the server title. - Fixed an issue with picture frames that would cause the image not to load. - Added an IsValid check for scoreboard nametags to prevent erroring when someone leaves.
  6. idk alcoholism is pretty fun. just make sure to eat
  7. Username/IGN: goose SteamID (Use Steam ID Finder to find it): STEAM_0:0:206827924 Do you have a mic: Yeah What times are you usually on: Weekdays - 5:00 PM CST, Weekends - anytime CST How much playtime do you have on the server: 10 hours but if you count bluenetworks its like 3 weeks and 10 hours Any past experience: 3,484 hours on gmod, have been Senior Admin on Studio.net, Moderator on Bluenetworks, Moderator on Nonstop Networks, Senior Admin on SunlessRP, and I just loooove cancer. Why do you want to be staff: I am an experienced gmod player in DarkRP, I know how to work the menus like Blogs and such, I am an equality type person (everyone treated the same), I can deal with the most ginormous of tumors, I love to see people happy and have fun on the server because at the end of the day, its all just a video game, there's no point in causing problems for no reason XD
  8. Username/IGN: Kylerittenhouse SteamID (Use Steam ID Finder to find it):STEAM_0:0:580907660, 76561199122081048 Do you have a mic: no i have too much pussy on me to talk. What times are you usually on: After school and weekends How much playtime do you have on the server: enough Any past experience: blue networks senior admin Why do you want to be staff: i can help improve staff interactions on server. i don't have alcoholism. i hate myself. ever since i was a little boy i dreamt of being a upstanding member of the penguin rp staff team. i swear im not a masochist. XOXO - kyle
  9. Information Pets are only obtainable through Loot Boxes located in the Credit Shop. Credits con be obtained through various methods in-game. You have the ability to customize their Names, and Display Name Color for you and others to view. They also obtain XP through you and actions done to them. At this moment, the only perks that pets have are XP bonuses Rare (25% Chance) Base (%): 0 Gain (%) 0.05 Pets: Pet Tortoise Epic (15% Chance) Base (%): 0.2 Gain (%): 0.1 Pets: Pet Dog Pet Gold Fish Pet Parrot Pet Rabbit Legendary (10% Chance) Base (%): 0.4 Gain (%): 0.2 Pets: Pet Walrus Pet Puffin Pet Lynx Pet Moose Pet Cat Godlike (2% Chance) Base (%): 0.6 Gain (%): 0.35 Pets: Pet Penguin Pet Polar Bears Pet Snow Owl Unobtainable (1% Chance) Base (%): 0.8 Gain (%): 0.5 Pets: Pet Mouse Pet Snow Leopard Pet Dove Pet Arctic Fox Pet Pigeon Impossible (0.01% Chance) Base (%): 1 Gain (%): 0.8 Pets: Pet Spirit Pet Ghost
  10. asriel.dev


    - Added the ability to gift credits. - Added a Tile Builder tool that extremely simplifies building: - Spacing on buttons with icons have been fixed and are not smaller on the right side. - Fixed an issue with nametags showing that you do not have access to.
  11. Generally, you want to bulletproof your base to avoid raiders from shooting you from outside through walls and such. Note: Bullet penetration applies to the width of a prop, not prop specific. Few list of props with their advantages: 2 x 2 Block (models/hunter/blocks/cube05x05x025.mdl) - Blocks penetration from most weapons, such as: Pistols, Shotguns, SMG's, Rifles, and Sniper Rifles. 4 x 4 Block (models/hunter/blocks/cube1x1x1.mdl) - Blocks penetration from 2 x 2 Penetrations and explosives. What to block: Walls You want to try to block any world walls you may believe that has a thin thickness to it. Remember, penetration is applies by the width of something. Ceilings & Grounds Same rules apply here as for walls, but only if something below or above has an existing space.
  12. asriel.dev


    - Added an auto-play & volume fade for the Cinema. This means it will automatically begin watching & stop watching on enter/leave. - The Meth Tent will no longer show F2 To Purchase on it. - The Steam Group reward will now properly link to the steam group. - Fixed an issue with entity limits not updating in F4. - Fixed a display issue with the XP text showing (+0 bonus) - Removed a debug print from the GUI skin. - Made the /help menu show all commands. - Mugs will automatically send a message when you can kill the person. - Optimized more things relating to player-related loops. - Auto wants for RP actions are now all 10 minutes. - Scoreboard will now also draw your nametag. - More Nametags have been added: * Purple Glow [Supporter] * Red Glow - Bounty Hunter Achievement * Green Glow - Lucky Hobo Achievement * Dollar Sign Scroll - Gambling Addict Achievement
  13. asriel.dev


    - A mailbox has been added to the MOTD for offline messages: - Referrals have been added to the Rewards: - DarkRP has been heavily stripped down and optimized, meaning better performance overall. - Pets now give additional XP based on the rarity of the pet and the level: Rare: Amount * (Level * 0.0005) Epic: Amount * (0.002 + (Level * 0.001)) Legendary: Amount * (0.004 + (Level * 0.002)) Godlike: Amount * (0.006 + (Level * 0.0035)) Unobtainable: Amount * (0.008 + (Level * 0.005)) Impossible: Amount * (0.01 + (Level * 0.008)) - MOTD will now show a button for viewing the update logs: - Prestiges now give additional XP based on your prestige: Amount * (Level * 0.005)
  14. asriel.dev


    - !donate has been re-designed to fit with the server's UI. - Flash notes now draw under the weapon selector. - Rewards have been redone to match the theme of the server:
  15. asriel.dev


    - Scoreboard will now display information in the collapsible section: - F4 Menu now shows Gang Printers in the Printers tab of Entities: - Chat now autocompletes commands & emotes: - There is now a three way global chat (Discord, Website, and Ingame): * Ingame works with /gc
  16. Username/IGN: SteamID (Use Steam ID Finder to find it): Do you have a mic: What times are you usually on: How much playtime do you have on the server: Any past experience: Why do you want to be staff:
  17. Username/IGN: SteamID (Use Steam ID Finder to find it): Type of punishment [Ban/Warn/...etc]: Reason for punishment: How Long is your punishment: Why should this appeal be accepted: List any additional information here:
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